This website features holocaust and human rights art by artist & tolerance educator Akiva K. Segan. The site went live in August 2018.

Artworks are in four groups:

Three women, with wings; red border
Detail from UTW 32
  • The UNDER the WINGS art series, begun 1991, portrays murdered victims of the Nazis and Fascists in Europe, 1933-45. Each artwork has a catalog prefix of UTW: UTW 1, UTW 2, UTW 46, etc.
  • I began the SIGHT-SEEING with DIGNITY human rights art series in 2003 as a companion teaching vehicle with the Wings series. Sight-seeing artworks have a catalog prefix of SWD 1, SWD 2, etc.
  • OTHER HUMAN RIGHTS ARTWORKS and OTHER HOLOCAUST ARTWORKS are grouped by decade, catalog-number example: OHR-1970-1.


I have displayed original artworks in the Wings series and Sight-seeing series since 1992. They have been displayed in museum, college, school and other sites in exhibits and in tolerance education program installations. I have also shown the  works in guest slide / power-point presentations since 1994.

All ages! At power-point presentations the youngest audience ages have been four & five year old school pupils. Oldest attendees have been in their upper 90’s.

Two women viewing UTW 20: Rubinsztajn, mime artist in the Warsaw Ghetto
UTW exhibit, Seattle Central Community College, 1998


I designed the Wings series to offer a restoration of dignity to the memory of the ten million victims murdered by the Nazis and other Fascists during the years of the Third Reich. I added metaphorical wings to make the art more accessible and non-threatening.

The silence of most Europeans during those years enabled the genocide.


What about genocides and conflicts today?

I frequently tell school audiences “The Holocaust did not have to happen. Don’t be silent! When you hear of injustice in your home community, or somewhere else in your country, or even on the other side of the world, speak out!”

SPEAK OUT ON ON THE DRAMATIC RISE OF HATE, INTOLERANCE in the U.S., Europe and beyond during & since the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. As well as the ascendancy of white nationalist supremacy in the US and around Europe and beyond, including, in the U.S. And on anti-black race hate with President Trump’s unapologetic Klan-worthy “birther”campaign. Also the White House and Republican program of Islamophobia and anti-Hispanic bigotry. The promotion of genocidal gun-carnage… And more:

The NEED for ACCESSIBLE, SAFE, NON-THREATENING TOLERANCE EDUCATION for CHILDREN, YOUTH and TEACHERS is now greater than ever. Children are not innately bigoted. They learn bigotry, demeaning language and hurtful behavior from older youth and adults.

Three women viewing framed drawings from UTW series
UTW & SWD series exhibit, Stephens College, Davis Art Gallery, Columbia, Missouri, 2007


Wings series art works & Sight-seeing series artworks are available for exhibits and for loan installation for tolerance, Holocaust education, anti-war, genocide education, human rights education, immigration-themed programs and events. Locations may be schools, art museums/galleries, community centers, colleges/universities, [non-proselytizing, non-supremacist] houses-of-worship, senior centers/residences, Holocaust education centers, worksites, etc.


I currently (2018) have 17 different power-point classes available for presentation in schools, colleges/universities, art museums/galleries, history museums and other venues.

Please visit the CLASSES INFO page for a list of my currently available classes.and the ART THERAPY INFO page for a description of the Drawing-for-Healing workshop.

Workshop at Jan Eaglesham Primary 1-26-2010, Glasgow
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