Currently available tolerance education with art power-point classes presented by artist Akiva K. Segan (autumn 2018 – winter-spring 2019). (A list of other (non-Holocaust, non-human rights educ) art classes follows, below.)

  1. Background & Influences to the Under the Wings (Holocaust & Fascism victims) art series (Segan art)
  2. Ten mosaic-drawings of the Under the Wings art series (Segan art)
  3. Background & Source Imagery to Under the Wings 42: Shoah Dreams. Four by eight feet and portraying 28 people, buildings including 2 Polish synagogues, a Polish Torah crown, an Italian Jewish wedding ring and birds wings, it’s the largest drawing of the Under the Wings series (Segan art)/
  4. Under the Wings & Sight-seeing with Dignity: Selections from the series on victims of the Holocaust, Fascism in Europe, and contemporary human rights victims art series (Segan art)
  5. Selected (non-wings series) Holocaust art including the Shoah Trilogy: Elie’s Sin, Bonhoeffer der Jude, and Zlata the Righteous of Bialystok and her son Liebl who lived in Berlin (Segan art)
  6. My Brother’s Keeper: The Holocaust through Eyes of an Artist: Art by late survivor, artist, award-winning children’s book author Israel Bernbaum.
  7. My Brother’s Keeper & Under the Wings: Selected Holocaust paintings by late Warsaw raised survivor & award-winning children’s book author Israel Bernbaum; selected Under the Wings art series art by Segan. Bernbaum & Segan corresponded in ’92; Bernbaum passed in ’93.
  8. Selected human rights art by A.K. Segan, 1972 to the present, including drawings from the Sight-seeing with Dignity series begun 2003.
  9. Felix Nussbaum: Art, Resistance, Courage & Hope: Paintings by the German- Jewish painter eventually murdered at Auschwitz including pre-war art; self-portraits, still-life works done while in-hiding in Brussels, Belgium.
  10. Select self-portraits by murdered German Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum; home-life paintings by Polish Jewish Holocaust survivor Toby Knobel Fluek; 3 Segan artworks.
  11. The paintings of survivor Toby Knobel Fluek, from her book Memories of my life in a Polish Village, 1930-49.
  12. Selected Under the Wings series (Segan) art portraying Polish- Jewish Holocaust victims.
  13. Selected Under the Wings series (Segan) art portraying Nazi and Fascist victims of Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Greece, France, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands.
  14. The Third Reich in Austria- Germany; the Holocaust; 5 Protestant German resisters (Segan art).
  15. Art portrayals of victims of Fascism and the Nazis in Italy, and of the Fascists in Croatia during WWII (Segan art).
  16. The 10 monumental mosaic-drawings of the Under the Wings series. The victims portrayed include a French priest; a Jewish Croatian woman; a Jewish woman who was a multiple-amputee, probably Polish; an Orthodox Polish Jewish man; a disabled German or Austrian Jewish man, who was an Aktion T-4 victim; a Catholic background Italian anti-Fascist partisan who was a pal of Primo Levi; a very observant (Orthodox) great-grandmother of Segan; and several Polish Jewish children, adults.
  17. Tolerance education for children ages 5-9; also suitable for teacher education training, and for student-teachers-in-training, e.g university Education departments. Includes select Under the Wings series, Sight-seeing with Dignity series artworks; 3 artworks drawn in 2017 designed for tolerance education with younger age age children immigration: The 2 drawings and a linocut print are about about the Sailing Ship St Louis, 1939 and its quest to seek safe haven for nearly 900 Jewish Germans and Austrians trying to escape Nazi persecution: The Sea monsters & the sailing Ship St Louis (drawing); the Sea Beasties and (drawing) and the Sea demons and… (a linocut).

Drawing for Healing

The DRAWING for HEALING WORKSHOP is facilitated in-tandem following exhibit tours and/or following power-point class presentations.

Other Classes

Six general (non-Holocaust, non-human rights) art power-point classes for all audience ages presentations including seniors/pensioners and elderly:

  1. Mosaica-Judaica: Mosaics from antiquity to the present day: Ancient Roman era synagogue mosaics; more recent synagogue mosaics; other Judaic themed mosaics; mosaics by Jewish artists.
  2. Jewish art about the High Holidays: Painting, sculpture, prints (woodcuts, etchings, lithos), some photos and vintage postcards
  3. Winged Imagery in World Art: From antiquity to the present, of different cultures worldwide. Includes a section on feathery garments including hats.
  4. Animal Mosaics from Around the World
  5. Jewish art of Passover: Fine art, some photos, posters, vintage postcards
  6. Judaica art by Segan: Drawings, linocuts of lamps, menorahs, Torah crowns, Jerusalem, Haifa cityscapes, synagogue depictions
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