Teaching, U.S. east coast (D.C., Florida, Mass., New York)

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY. Power-point, Background to the UTW series, to ‘Theological Implications of the Holocaust’ class, Center for Jewish Civ. dept. (April 2019)

RISHONA PALM BEACH CHAPTER of HADASSAH, held at Temple Judea, W. Palm Beach: UTW art and Israel Bernbaum paintings. Slide class presentation audience was seniors, elderly (1999)
TEMPLE BETH DAVID, Palm Beach Gardens. Sunday school. Slide class presentations (UTW art; Israel Bernbaum art) w/ 7th grade classes, teachers, principal (1999)
TEMPLE JUDEA, Palm Beach Gardens. Sunday school. Slide class presentation on Israel Bernbaum art, UTW art. Classes of 6th graders, 7th graders w/ teachers, rabbi. (1999, 2003, 2007)
TEMPLE JUDEA, Palm Beach Gardens: Sunday school, 7th grade class & teacher. Artist-led discussion on racial, ethnic and religious stereotyping (2006)

HEBREW SENIOR LIFE, Brookline. Presentations w/ audiences of senior, elderly residents, caregivers, visiting family members & friends, staff:
2012: ‘Wings of Memory –The Holocaust & Genocide Art of Akiva Kenny Segan’
2013: ‘Judaic Art – Featuring [A.K. Segan’s] Jerusalem Landscapes & Architectural Drawings & Synagogue Depictions’
2014: ‘People & Flight – Winged Depictions in Art & Feathery Attire – A Visual History from Different Cultures from Antiquity to the Present’
2014: ‘Background & Influences to the 5 Monumental Mosaic-Drawing Combos of the Under the Wings Holocaust art series’
2015: ‘Holocaust Remembrance lecture: Art of Felix Nussbaum, Toby Knobel Fluek, and A. K. Segan’s mosaic-drawing artwork depicting his great-grandmother Zlata Barshewsky of Bialystok, Poland’
2017: ‘Mosaica-Judaica.’ From the flyer: Imagery to be shown to include photos of ancient Roman-era synagogue mosaics of Israel, Tunisia; some contemporary synagogue mosaics; other Judaica mosaics; some mosaics by twentieth century & contemporary Jewish artists; and 2 mosaics from presenter A.K. Segan’s ‘Under the Wings’ Holocaust education art series.

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, K- 6 grades elementary school, Ithaca (2002)
ITHACA COLLEGE, Handwerker Gallery (2002) Yom Ha’shoah – Holocaust Remembrance Week presentations. Sponsored by the I.C. Dept of Art & Art History; Jewish Studies Program; I.C. Hillel. Slide class: My Brother’s Keeper and the art of Israel Bernbaum. Introduction by late Ithaca resident, Austrian Jewish survivor refugee and American immigrant Harvey Fireside.
ITHACA COLLEGE, Handwerker Gallery (2002) Background to the Under the Wings art series class Ithaca College, Math dept (2002) The slide class of selected UTW artworks was with a math class of now retired math professor Dani Novak, born and raised in Haifa. Dr. Novak’s parents were Croatian Jewish Holocaust survivors. Segan’s presentation included discussion of how math was used as an instrument of the Nazi perpetrated genocide.

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