Teaching, U.S., midwest: Illinois, Missouri

Illinois State University, Bloomington. Foreign language dept UTW & Bernbaum art presentation w/ faculty, grad students (2004)

Illinois Wesleyan University, Ames Library, Bloomington. Exhibit of UTW, SWD series art – exhibit tours w/ Foreign Lang dept classes; Art dept. painting class; Yiddish Culture in Eastern Europe class; Hillel Jewish student organization group,; Educ. Dept classes of student teachers of History, French, Spanish and English (2006)

Illinois Wesleyan University, March 29, 2006. Press release page on Segan’s Holocaust, human rights Ames Library art exhibit & Beckman auditorium lecture.

Illinois Wesleyan University, Ames Library. Tour w/ local Sunday school teachers.

Illinois Wesleyan University, Art department. Slide class presentations w/ art dept. classes

Illinois Wesleyan University, Foreign language department. Slide class presentations w/classes (2004, 2006).

Illinois Wesleyan University, Education dept. UTW & Bernbaum art slide class; Drawing-for-Healing workshop w/ class of education majors (2006)

Illinois Wesleyan University, History Dept. Slide class presentations on Under the Wings art; Israel Bernbaum art from his book “My Brother’s Keeper” and art by Toby Knobel Fluek from her book “Memories of my life in a Polish village, 1930-49” (2006)

Illinois Wesleyan University, Beckmann Auditorium. Town & gown presentation, ‘Background & Influences to the UTW series & the Sight-seeing w/ Dignity human rights art series (2006)

Southern Illinois University, Faner Hall Museum auditorium lecture w/ Q&A: ‘A Slide lecture on Holocaust Education through Art: Israel Bernbaum & My Brother’s Keeper & A. K. Segan’s Under the Wings art series. Introductions were given by retired SIU School of Art studio art professor Larry Bernstein; and retired School of Art – Art History professor George Mavigliano. Sponsored by SIU Hillel; SIU Alumni Assn; University Christian Ministries; Carbondale Peace Coalition (1996)

Southern Illinois University, The Daily Egyptian (student newspaper), April 22, 1996, article: Holocaust portrayed in a different light, by Gus Bode.

Unity Point Elementary School, Carbondale: Slide class on Bernbaum art & UTW art. Followedby artists talk w/ original drawings from the wings series (1996). Video footage excerpt of
Segan talking about the UTW drawing of Mordecai Anielewicz & pupils responses (7 min., 58 sec)

Western Illinois University, Art Gallery, Macomb. UTW exhibit. In-gallery slide lectures; exhibit tours included town & gown tours (2004)

Western Illinois University, Art History Dept. Slide class presentation; exhibit tour (2004)

Western Illinois University, History Dept class lecture, exhibit tour (2004)

Western Illinois University campus radio station, Interview, WIUM – 91.3 FM, (2004), April 6. Pre-recorded interview of Segan by student reporter Jenna Richie aired same day as history dept. lecture.


Blue Ridge Elementary School, Columbia. Three separate slide class presentations, Bernbaum art and UTW art, with classes of 4th, 5th graders (1997)

B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation, Columbia. Holocaust Memorial Month lecture: UTW & Bernbaum art slide class. Town & gown audience (1996)

David Hickman High School, Columbia. UTW & Bernbaum art slide class (2006)

Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Columbia. Slide class presentation, UTW & Bernbaum art, w/ combined 4th grade classes, teachers, parent volunteers, student teachers, a Stephens College art dept. instructor, and an MU-C Museum of Art staffer. Following by a drawing workshop which included pupils drawing from duck wings (and imagery from their imagination); the wings loaned by the Missouri State Dept of Conservation (1996, 1997, 1998, 2006)

Stephens College, Charter’s Lecture Hall, Columbia. All-student audience, UTW art & Bernbaum art slide class (1996, 2006)

Stephens College, Art Dept. UTW & Bernbaum art presentation w/ Art dept classes, faculty (1997, 1998)

Stephens College, Davis Art Gallery. UTW & SWD art exhibit. Tours w/ Stephens College classes from various depts; some MU-C (Univ. of MO) classes; Jewish community tour w/ Congregation Beth Shalom congregants, MU-C students from Hillel Center (2006). *see urls of 2 newspaper articles, below

University of Missouri, Film Studies Dept. UTW art & Israel Bernbaum art (2006)

University of Missouri, Museum of Art & Archaeology, Pickard Auditorium. Background to the UTW series; Town & gown audience (1996,2006)

University of Missouri, Ellis Library lecture hall presentation, Bernbaum art & UTW art slide class
to 175 undergrad art appreciation class students, non-art majors (1997)

University of Missouri, Ellis Library lecture hall presentation, Bernbaum art & UTW art slide class, to 75 art appreciation class, non-art majors; teaching assistants and faculty audience (1998)

University of Missouri, School of Art. UTW & Bernbaum art presentation w/ various classes, faculty (1996, 1997, 1998, 2006)

University of Missouri, School of Art. Senior seminar UTW slide class presentation, Q&A (1998)

West Junior High School, Columbia. UTW & Bernbaum art slide class presentation w/ 120 students from combined 8th grade classes, teachers (1997, 1998)

The Columbia Missourian, March 28, 2006, article: Serious lessons – Artist’s exhibits help children understand horrors of the Holocaust, by Erin Marshall

The Columbia Missourian, Feb. 27, 2006, article: Drawings individualize hate crime victims, by Justin Heinz.

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