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The Law Is the Eyes (1980)
The Prisoner (1980)
Albert Einstein (1981)
Martin Buber (1981)
Isaac Babel, drypoint etching
Isaac Babel (1982)
John Brown, print on brown paper
John Brown of Harper’s Ferry (1982)
Lech Walesa
Lech Walesa (1982)
Vietnam Summer Concerto Number 1 (1982)
I’m just pacing ’round this zoo (1983)
A chicken and an app - which is the bank president?
The bank president lecturing (1984)
Four drawings of Poland (1984)
Place Wolnosj, Krakow, Poland
Plac Wolnósj (Freedom Square), Krakow, 1985 (1988)
Old Synagogue of Temple de Hirsch Sinai
Temple de Hirsch Sinai synagogue (1988)
Abraham Lincoln
Honest Abe Died for our sins (1988)


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