Honest Abe Died for Our Sins

Abraham Lincoln
Honest Abe Died for Our Sins
Art: 1988
Media: Charcoal, pastel, ink; gold metal stickers, each with embossed seals pressed on each sticker; the embossing seal had belonged to the artists late father; 12 U.S. Lincoln, Civil War postage stamps, ca. 1961, 1965; and a Lincoln commemorative postage stamp from Suriname.
Size: 31 7/8 inches H x 21 3/8 W (unframed)

As Abraham Lincoln was the American most singularly responsible for seeking to end America’s brutal, imperialist, anti-faith and ethically perverse, morally obscene economic system of slavery, I always consider this 1988 drawing to be part of my human rights artworks.

Collection of the artist. If there is an institution or non-profit interested in permanently displaying it (e.g. in offices, a conference room, visitors reception area, etc.) I will offer it as a gift.

Temple de Hirsch Sinai synagogue (1988)
Music Hall Theater (1991)
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