Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Art: 1981
Media: Etching
Plate (image) size: 18 inches H x 24 W

It is now 2018 and I think Einstein continues to be the most famous scientist of the twentieth century.

He was German Jewish, born 1879. He was visiting the U.S. when Hitler became chancellor of Germany in February 1933. Einstein and his wife returned to Europe that March, to Belgium. They did not return to Germany. They lived in Belgium for several months, then in July they went to England.

A British naval commander, Oliver Locker-Lampson, had become friends with Einstein. Locker-Lampson sponsored bills in Parliament to offer citizenship to Einstein, either in Britain or in British-mandate Palestine. Both bills failed. Then, in October, the Einstein’s emigrated to the U.S., where Einstein was offered a position at Princeton University, New Jersey. He died in Princeton, 1955.

The edition and printing

Between 1981 and ’85 approximately 39 proofs were acquired by individuals for private collections. Some of those people are now gone and I do not know the whereabouts of the proofs they owned. I have two extant proofs in my studio.


  • Graphische Sammlung Albertina (Albertina Graphic Arts Collection), Vienna
  • M.I.T. Museum, Cambridge. Gift of R. Segan
  • Museum of Modern Art, Haifa. Gift of Shlomo Cotler
  • National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.
  • National Museum of American Jewish History, Philadelphia
  • New Jersey State Museum, Trenton
Plac Wolnósj (Freedom Square), Krakow, 1985
Temple de Hirsch Sinai synagogue (1988)
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