A chicken and an app - which is the bank president?

The Bank President…Lecturing… the Chairman of the Board
Art: 1984
Media: drypoint (a type of etching, made by pulling an etching needle into the through the outer metal of a zinc or copper etching plate, creating a burr that holds the printing ink. No acid is used. Drypoint prints are treasured for the soft, velvety lines).
Image (plate) size: 12 ¾ inches H x 24 ¾ W
Collections: Bibliotheque Nationale (French National Library), Paris.

I was inspired by two consecutives no-shows (of scheduled studio visits) by the bank president of the (now late and long gone) First Interstate Bank of Washington, to my art studio, two blocks away, both in downtown Seattle.

To my delight, a proof of the drypoint was purchased by Jeane Loughmuller of Rainier National Bank of Washington. Ms Loughmuller, of blessed memory, a VP, was Rainier Bank’s art collection curator. Despite having had foot surgeries, she was required to wear (modified) high-heel shoes at work, but even those shorter height high heels were not especially comfortable for her. She was also the VP assigned to bring the pastries and coffee, tea cart to board meetings.

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