Ethel Rosenberg

Signed in pencil at bottom:
Ethel Rosenberg after Julius’s arrest – in her apartment Ken Segan 5/13/74 23/23
Art: 1974 (printed May 13, 1974)
Media: Linocut, printed in bright red block-print ink
Image size: 12 inch H x 10 W
The sole proof I have of this is numbered 23/23. A rare example of my having decided on an edition number and having completed it.

My critique, Oct. 2018: I don’t think this print succeeds as a planographic image (woodcut, lino) as it has a lot of thin lines in tonal background areas. While the lines are visible, they lack the symbiosis common in woodcuts and linocuts of dramatic sections of color (regardless of whether black, or a color) next to sections of white.

At the time, I gave a proof to each of the other students, and one to the instructor, of a class I took at Parkland (Jr) College, Champaign. I forget the name of the class, and the instructor’s name. The class had something do with political events, social justice. For a class reading assignment I recall we read the book early 1970’s published book Blaming the Victim.

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