SIU Groundskeeper
Art: 1975
Media: Etching and aquatint on a copper etching plate.
Plate (image) 8 ¼ inches H x 11 3/8 W
I believe that I drew the portrait directly on an asphaltum-covered copped etching plate, using a metal etching stylus, as I do not recall doing a drawing on paper. I do recall asking the man if I could draw him while he was seated on the tractor.

My edition records book from my etching years (1975-85) states some of the earlier proofs were titled ‘Old Man’; some were titled ‘A Portrait.’ (Some may have been titled Portrait of an old man.)

A note I wrote for a Youtube video in 2017: “Now that I’m 67, in 2017, the title seems a bit goofy, but when one is in one’s 20’s everyone else who is older seems old!)”
The man was a groundskeeper at the campus and is seen on the tractor – lawnmower in front of the Allyn Art building. I don’t recall learning his name.

A note, Oct. 2018: I encountered a sort of bizarre racism from Google when I posted videos of the 2 proofs of the etching on Youtube last year. Youtube refused to allow me to post titles with the wordage African – American in the title, e.g.: Portrait of an African American groundskeeper, SIU-Carbondale.
Yet a cursory look for Youtube video titles brings up such videos as
African American Portrait Project (posted by the Austin, Texas city government).
There were 2 states of work on the etching plate.
The latter state gave the shirt area of the portrait a bit of a Hawaiian shirt look.
Printing history: I printed four AP’s (Artist’s Proofs).
There was an Artists Edition of ten, numbered 1/10 to 10/10, all bought by Larry MacAtee of Murphysboro, Illinois, who sold them to folks around Murphysboro and Carbondale.
The numbered edition was planned at 30, of which 5 were printed.
All-told I printed 19 proofs; of which, in 2018, I have the 2 proofs seen here in my studio.

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