the Law is the Eyes that are handcuffs
that are always following you

The Law is the Eyes (short title)
the Law is the Eyes that are handcuffs that are always following you… (full title)
Art: 1980
Media: Etching and aquatint
Size: 23.5 inches (plate image) x 17.5 inches W

My etching years edition records book, ca. 1975-85, states “Had great fun making this print in etching stages. It’s been called (by close friends) a Jewish self-portrait, self examination of Jewish history, Segan revealing tremendous “angst” and “powerful” and [ and evidently this was asked of me, this note Oct 2018]: “how do you do this type of revealing image for public viewing?”

I own several proofs of early states including the first state when it was a line etching; and 2 or more of aquatinted section states prior to the final state.

State 1
State 1
2 early states
Printed in West catalog

West ’80 / Art & the Law, Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul. Sponsored by West Publishing Co. (now Thompson Reuter West).

West ’80 / Art & the Law catalog, Minnesota Museum of Art and West Pub., 1980

Collections, public:

Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul. Artist’s proof (A.P); black & white. My edition record notes state this proof was the first proof of the final state of the etching; and the image has 3 plate-etched triangles that were lost in later proofs printed from the zinc plate.

Tulane University, Newcomb College Library collection. Edition numbered I 1/20. A color proof, printed a la poupee. (The various color inks were inked on the zinc plate with brayers, aka rollers, before the inked plate was run through the etching press).

North Carolina State Bar, Raleigh. Edition number II 4/20. Black & white.

University of Minnesota, Katherine Nash Gallery. Edition: State Proof. Color proof, printed a la poupee.

The Worker (1975)
The Prisoner (1980)
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