The Prisoner of Conscience

Lech Walesa

The Prisoner of Conscience: Dedicated to Lech Walesa & Solidarity
Art: 1982
Media: Mixed media drawing with etching
Size: 36 inches H x 24 [framed size is larger]

Lech Walesa was president of Poland 1990-95. He was a founder of the Solidarity trade union movement which paved the way for Poland to become free from the repressive and tyrannical Soviet hegemony and various Polish Communist governments.


West ’82/Art & the Law, Landmark Center, St, Paul, Minnesota, Sept. 16 – Oct. 17,1982
Catalog, West ’82 / Art & the Law. Color reproduction.

The exhibit was sponsored by West Publishing Co. (West Pub. is now Thompson Reuters West).

The jurors of the West ’82 exhibit were American artist Will Barnet of N.Y. (1911-2012); Lawrence Fleischman, director of the Kennedy Galleries, NY (1926?-1997*); and (now deceased) Gerard L. Cafesjian, (then) Vice President, West Publishing, St. Paul.

The artwork is currently stored in the artists studio.

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