Old Synagogue of Temple de Hirsch Sinai
The old Temple de Hirsch Sinai synagogue
Media: Ink, watercolor
Size: probably 22 x 30 inches
Private collection, Seattle

In 1988, while standing outside, I drew the exterior of the synagogue. I was never inside.

I penned an oped hoping to inspire Seattle’s Jewish community individuals to raise the funds to save the historic and reportedly beautiful inside sanctuary. I recall a member of the Temple de Hirsch Sinai congregation, an architect, was a proponent of saving the building, too.

The now gone Jewish Transcript newspaper published the oped,  “The Old de Hirsch synagogue a priceless treasure,” in the Nov. 24, 1988 issue. See photo of the op-ed below.

The old sanctuary was torn down. The pillars at the front are still standing. The rest of the building was made into a parking lot.

Of the Jewish Transript newspaper: After 90 years in print, the final issue of the Transcript was published in March 2015. The paper served Jewish communities and individuals throughout Washington state. Seattle’s Jewish Federation shuttered the paper, called “The JT News – Voice of Jewish Washington” in its last years. It was called “The Jewish Sound” during its final 2 or 3 issues, winter 2015.

The then directors of the Jewish Federation of Seattle replaced it with a poorly designed (inaccessible, very hard-to-read, non-functional thin, tiny type) quarterly magazine: Jewish-in-Seattle. The new magazine has no letters to the editor; no opinion columns, and has left Jewish communities around the state like isolated islands. Such is “progress.”

Transcript if Old Temple de Hirsch Sinai synagogue oped

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