The Prisoner
Art: 1980
Media: ink, watercolor, etching, linoleum block. 36 inches H x 24 W.

Collections: Thompson Reuters West, St. Paul. Formerly West (law) Publishing Co.

Exhibits: West ’80 / Art & the Law, Minnesota Museum of Art, St. Paul. Sponsored by (the late) West Publishing, St. Paul. Selected works from the West ’80 show toured the US and Canada, 1981-82, including The Prisoner.

1980: American (ABA) Bar Association Journal, Chicago, color reproduction, July issue.
1980: West ’80 / Art & the Law exhibit catalog, pub. by the Minnesota Museum of Art & West Pub. Co.. St. Paul.
1986: The West Collection, a coffee-table art book published by West, 1986. (West is now Thompson Reuters West).

The Prisoner in ABA Journal, July 1980 issue
Artist Statement, West catalog

The West ‘ 80 /Art & The Law show (including The Prisoner & The Law is the Eyes) was exhibited at the Minnesota Museum of Art, 1980. The Prisoner toured the US in 1981 in a West sponsored traveling exhibit. In 1982 West published offset lithos of The Prisoner. I donated a framed copy to the Law Library, University of Washington, Seattle, and to the Jefferson Expansion National Historic Site, St Louis. The copy at the UW law library is on display in the library.

I did this work my last year of graduate art studies, University of Missouri, Columbia. The lino block printed in the imagery is the 1974 Tom Mooney behind bars portrait.

The juror for the West ’80 exhibit was the late American social justice and satirist painter Jack Levine (1915-2010).

The West / Art & the Law exhibits and The West Collection were the inspiration of the late West vice-president Gerard L. Cafesjian (1925-2013). Among Mr. Cafesjian’s last projects was creating the Cafesjian Center for the Arts in Yerevan, Armenia, which opened in 2009 and has had over one million visitors since. His project to create The Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial in Washington, D.C. remained unrealized and in litigation at the time of his death.

Two videos of the offset litho, posted on Youtube:
Prof. James Davis on The Prisoner, 1980 art by A.K. Segan, filmed Mar 8 ’14 © (6 min., 5 sec)

Artist A K Segan on background to The Prisoner, 1980 West Art & Law purchase winner (3 min., 18 sec)

The Law is the Eyes (1980)
Martin Buber (1981)
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