Vietnam Summer Concerto

Other human rights art 1982-3 Vietnam Summer Concerto no 1
Vietnam: Summer Concerto No. 1
Art: Probably 1982 or ’83
Size: There are 12 images of my 1972 Vietnam linocut print, each 7.5 inches in width, and as there are 6 ½ images printed, I estimate the height at 45 to 46 inches; width approximately 50 inches.

Exhibits: 1983, 2-D National Exhibition, Angels Gate Cultural Center, San Pedro, California.

Provenance: It was probably 1985 when the artwork was bought by Seattle resident Theo (formerly Ted) Dzielak when I was fundraising to leave for a year’s art studies in Poland. When I asked him about the artwork in 2017 he said he hadn’t framed it and it is in storage. I’m hoping to recover it so as to frame it and donate it for permanent installation, e.g. in a political science, history or peace studies dept. at a college or university. I since gave Mr. Dzielak a framed linocut proof of my 2016 portrait of Robert Desnos [see Other Holocaust art – 2000’s] as an exchange for the return of the Vietnam Summer concert work.

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