Vietnam 1972, linocut

Art: 1972
Lino block (image) size: 6 in. H x 7.5 inches W


I made this linocut print in November or December 1972. I had just begun my first quarter as a freshman, Parkland College, Champaign, Illinois. Then called Parkland Junior College, it was later Parkland Community College. I declared art as my major when I registered for my first classes.

Late 1972, shortly before Xmas and New Year’s I mounted a number of proofs on black construction paper, inserted each in a manila envelope and I mailed them to relatives and friends. It was my first social justice artwork. The Vietnam war was still raging on…

In 2017 I located, on the internet, the photo I believe was my source image for this linocut print. I am trying to find out who took the photo.

Also see

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Vietnam Special #1 (1973)
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