Sample of Sightseeing with Dignity artwork, a collage
I began the Sightseeing with Dignity human rights art series in 2003, expanding from the focus of the Under the Wings series on victims of Nazis/Fascists. I  have completed 30 drawings in this series as of November 2018. Eighteen drawings are framed and exhibit-ready.

All of the Under the Wings and the Sight-seeing with Dignity art series works are available for exhibits, installations and tolerance education programs.

For the benefit of art students and art instructors who might find them of interest I’ve included some photos taken when artworks were in-progress. These show the progression of some of the drawings and mosaics.

Click on any image for a larger display.

Sightseeing with Dignity 1-10

Benjamin Hermansen
SWD 1: Benjamin Hermansen of Oslo, Norway, born 1985, murdered 2001
SWD 2: ‘The Birth & Death of the World’

Portrait of Cambodian Voeuk Peach, murdered by Khmer Rouge soldiers
SWD 3: Be on guard! Portrait of Voeuk Peach, murdered by Khmer Rouge soldiers
mother & infant, linked by wings
SWD 4: Cambodian mom & infant, murdered by Khmer Rouge soldiers at S-21, the Tuol Sleng killing center

Portrait of Harvey Milk surrounded by multimedia collage
SWD 5: Harvey Milk “If I turned around every time someone called me a faggot, I’d be walking backwards.” (Homage to assassinated San Francisco alderman & gay equality proponent Harvey Milk)
Portrait of Father Jerzy Popieluszko, face and hands, enfolded by wings
SWD 6: ks. Jerzy Popiełuszko, a Polish priest & supporter of Solidarność (Solidarity), slain 1984

Bust of Dial Torgenson, with wings
SWD 7 “Dial Torgerson – Foreign Correspondent”
collage, surrounding a partial view of a face: un desaparecido
SWD 8 Homage to Jesus Piedra Ibarra, un desaparecido, a 20 year old medical student who vanished in Monterrey, April 18, 1975

Collage including the face of
SWD 9: Remembering heroic journalist Anna Politkovskaya [Анна Степановна Политковская – her name in Russian).
Sophie Sholl & Boubacar Bah
SWD 10 Sophie Scholl makes a rare appearance from the other side to visit Boubacar Bah at his deathbed in a prison cell at the Corrections Corp. of America prison, Newark, New Jersey, spring 2007

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