Dial Torgerson – Foreign Correspondent

Bust of Dial Torgerson, with wings SWD 7 “Dial Torgerson – Foreign Correspondent”
Art: 2007
Media: Ink on paper
Framed, 19 1/4 inches H x 24.5 W

In 1983 Torgerson was working as a long-time correspondent – reporter for the Los Angeles Times; he was stationed in Central America at the time. On June 21 he and Richard Cross died in Honduras when the car they were driving in was blown up by a bomb planted by the Nicaraguan Army. Cross, born 1950, was an American freelance photo-journalist, on assignment at the time for the magazine U.S. News & World Report.

According Lynda Schuster, Torgerson’s young wife of ten months at the time, as she wrote in “Two Dead in Car Blast” (GRANTA 53, “News,” pub. spring 1996): Torgerson bore the brunt of the explosion, which tore off his legs, torso and hands. He was 55. I drew this from the photo of Torgerson seen in the Granta article.

My title for the drawing is from the caption below the photo of Torgerson in the hardcopy issue of the Granta article by Schuster.

Lynda Schuster’s Granta article is readable online in the Utne website:

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