Homage to Jesus Piedra Ibarra, un desaparecido

collage, surrounding a partial view of a face: un desaparecido

SWD 8 Homage to Jesus Piedra Ibarra, un desaparecido, a 20 year old medical student who vanished in Monterrey, April 18, 1975.
Art: 2007
Media: Ink, colored pencil, gouache, old-wrapping paper.
Two drawings, each framed:
The face, 14 inches H x 17 W. Framed: 23.5 inches H x 27 W
The eyes, 5.5 inches H x 23 5/8 W. Framed: 10 inches H x 28 W

The anti-immigrant American terrorists who hunt and murder undocumented people trying to cross the Mexican- American border won’t have to shoot Jesus, as he was illegally arrested and executed by the the Mexican police or military in 1975.

The photo used for source material for the drawing inspiration is seen in the book Fuerte es el silencio; authored by Elena Poniatowska. (Pub. by Ediciones Era, S.A., Mexico, D.F., first edition, 1980; fourth edition, 1982)

In the book, this text appears below the photo: “Jesus Piedra Ibarra, joven estudiante de medicina, desaparecido el 18 de abril de 1975 en Monterrey, a los veinte anos.” (JPI, age 20, a young student of medicine, disappeared on April 18, 1975 in Monterrey).

Some of the background images in my drawing were inspired by a 35-cent paperback book that my late father had owned, titled Spanish Through Pictures, published in 1953.

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