Remembering heroic journalist Anna Politkovskaya

Collage including the face of Anna Politkovskaya
SWD 9: Remembering heroic journalist Anna Politkovskaya [Анна Степановна Политковская – her name in Russian).
Art: 2010. Media: Ink, colored pencil, pencil.
Framed. The drawing paper is 22 ¼ inch H x 30 W
(Framed size is slightly larger)


A noted journalist and human rights activist, Politkovskaya was born in New York City August 30, 1995; and assassinated – murdered – in Moscow, Russia, October 7, 2006.

Ms. Politkovskaya was born on Oct. 30, 1958 in New York City to Ukrainian-born diplomatic parents. Raised in Moscow, she became a journalist and was a critic of Russian dictator Putin. She was also a critic of the second Russian military war against Chechnya. On Oct. 78, 2006 she was shot to death at point-blank range in Moscow. She was 48.

A 1 min., 53 sec. video of the drawing:

The Committee to Protect Journalists:

The CPJ website includes several petitions: Please sign. Don’t be silent! Thank you.

Worldwide, since 1992, over 1,095 journalists have been murdered.

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