Sample of Sightseeing with Dignity artwork, a collageSightseeing with Dignity human rights art series, 11-20.

For the benefit of art students and art instructors who might find them of interest I’ve included some photos taken when artworks were in-progress. These show the progression of some of the drawings and mosaics. The in-progess photos and commentary will be added in November.

Click on any image for a larger display.

Sightseeing with Dignity 11-20

Akmal Shaikh
SWD 11: “You’ll record a hit song in China that will usher in world peace!” Memorial to human rights and capital punishment victim Akmal Shaikh, a Briton executed in China, Dec. 29, 2009
Rodrigo Rojas
SWD 12: Rodrigo Rojas de Negri, age 19, murdered by the Chilean military, 1986

Victor Jara
SWD 13: Victor Jara Victor Jara of Chile, a singer-songwriter, poet and teacher, 1932-73.
Shalom alekhem! Salaam aleichem! Memorial
SWD 14: Shalom alekhem! Salaam aleichem! Memorial to an Israeli-Jewish boy and and a Gaza child, both victims of the Israeli – Palestinian conflict

SWD 15 Ken Saro-Wiwa
Rubin Stacy
SWD No. 16: Memorial art to Rubin Stacy, a young African-American man lynched in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, July 19, 1935

SWD 17: The Situation is at-hand (Homage to Israeli-Palestinian conflict victim, Juliano Mer-Khamis, director of the Freedom Theater, Jenin; actor; documentary film director, assassinated 2011).
Chico Mendez
SWD 18: Chico Mendes: Husband, father, rubber tapper, Amazonian rainforest defender

Pavlos Fyssas
SWD 19 Pavlos Fyssas The Sea Monsters & the Angry Chicken!! Homage to anti-Fascist Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas
Elisabeth Blanche Olofio
SWD 20: Elisabeth Blanche Olofio, radio journalist slain Central African Republic, 2014

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