Sample of Sightseeing with Dignity artwork, a collageSightseeing with Dignity human rights art series, 21-30.

As of November 2018, I have completed 30 drawings in the Sightseeing with Dignity series.

For the benefit of art students and art instructors who might find them of interest I’ve included some photos taken when artworks were in-progress. These show the progression of some of the drawings and mosaics.

Click on any image for a larger display.

Sightseeing with Dignity 21-30

Ryanne Elizabeth Mace
SWD 21: Ryanne Elizabeth Mace, 19, shot to death in a terror attack, Feb. 14, 2014, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb
Zakariyah Ibrahim Issa
SWD 22: Zakariya Ibrahim Issa, age 20, shot-to-death in Seattle, July 31, 2015.

Salaam Aleichem
SWD 23: Salaam aleichem! Shalom alekhem! Remembrance and posthumous dignity to four teenage victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict slain 2014, 2015
Shauna McBride
SWD 24: American gun-rights and genocide victim Renisha McBride, age 19

Sister Maura Clarke & Fernando Brodsky
SWD 25: Remembering victims of human rights atrocities in the Americas: Sister Maura Clarke, an American Maryknoll missionary, murdered by El Salvador military, 1980; and Fernando Brodsky, “un desaparecido,” murdered by the Argentine military, 1979.
Ihab Slimane
SWD 26: Ihab Slimane, a young French IT grad, was working as a waiter in London for several months. He was murdered in the London tube and bus bombing terror attacks, July 7, 2005

SWD 27 Christina Taylor Green
Robert Kennedy
SWD 28 American “gun-rights” victim Robert F. “Bobby” Kennedy, 1925-1968, and my teenage years pet parakeet, Monty, 1965-1970.

SWD 29 Franz Kafka visits from The Other World to see the bigoted American President, Donald Trump
Brent Martin
SWD 30 Brent Martin, a 30-year old learning-disabled man slain in a hate crime attack, Sunderland, England, 2007

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