Homage to a sea-bird who knew your name

SWD 34: Homage to a sea-bird who knew your name.
“…Walking hand-in-hand, all along the sand, a sea-bird knew your name…” In memory of singer-songwriter Tim Buckley, born February 14, 1947; died of a heroin overdose, June 29, 1975.
Then the sea-bird ate a Marlboro cigarette, whose ingredients include lotsa nasty chemicals….and then the sea-bird stabbed its foot on a hypodermic heroin needle, arrrgh! Grrrr! Grrrr! Grrrr!
Art: 2019
Media: Ink, gouache, colored pencil
Size: 20 inches H x 16 W (paper; to be framed)

justo libero venenatis, tempus in massa ultricies non ante. felis leo
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