Sample of Sightseeing with Dignity artwork, a collageSightseeing with Dignity human rights art series, 31-33.

As of December 2018, I have completed 33 drawings in the Sightseeing with Dignity series.

Click on any image for a larger display.

Sightseeing with Dignity 31-34

Balbir Singh Sodhi
SWD 31: American immigrant Balbir Singh Sodhi, shot by a Christian American terrorist, Mesa, Arizona, September 15, 2001
SWD 32: Welcome to America – a global leader in terrorist attacks. In memory of Sabika Sheikh, age 17, shot-to-death by a mass shooter terrorist, Santa Fe High School, Texas, May 18, 2018

Saif Raad Asmar Abboudi
SWD 33: An emo youth murder victim, Iraq. Saif Raad Asmar Abboudi, 20 years of age, was beaten to death February 17, 2012, Sadr City, Iraq.
SWD 34: Homage to a seabird who knew your name
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