Yad Vashem, Second Int’l conference on the Holocaust & Education, Oct 10 -14.
Segan’s workshop was titled ‘Holocaust Education through Art: My Brother’s Keeper – Paintings by Israel Bernbaum & Under the Wings of G-d art series drawings by A K Segan’ was presented during Conference Theme 2: The Perpetrators and the Final Solution: Classroom use of Art, Film and Literature in the Study of ‘The Final Solution.’
Segan’s conference paper, ten pages, is readable online; surname is misspelled Sagan. (     https://www.yadvashem.org/download/education/conf/Sagan.pdf

Yad Vashem, Third Int’l Conference on the Holocaust & Education, April 8 – 11. Conference title:  The Legacy of Holocaust Survivors. Segan’s workshop was titled The Imagination of Remembrance  – The Paintings and Drawings of Survivor Artist Toby Knobel Fluek from her book, Memories of My Life in a Polish Village, 1930-49

Alexander Muss High School, Hod Ha’sharon: Segan led a 2-part teacher training program: A slide class presentation with Q&A on Israel Bernbaum’s paintings and Segan’s wings art series. This was followed by the Drawing-for- Healing workshop with the teacher attendees.

Vad Vashem, Fifth Int’l Conference on the Holocaust & Education, June 26 – 29. The conference title: ‘Teaching the Holocaust to Future Generations.’ Segan’s workshop was titled ‘Wow! These Self Portraits are Incredible! The art of murdered German Jewish Artist Felix Nussbaum.’

Haifa University, School of Social Work. Class taught by Rachel Lev-Wiesel. Segan presented a power-point on the UTW art series, followed by Q&A.

2007, 2010, 2011:
Haifa Univ., Dept of Arts Therapies, Art Therapy division. First year M.A. The Art Therapy class instructor was Tammy Bar-on.  Segan’s power-point (select UTW and SWD series art), followed by the Drawing-for-Healing workshop, were with first year M.A. Art Therapy classes. Led by Segan and Professor Bar-on, the workshop included participatory discussion with the students.

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