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Class given at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Seattle, 2004
Class given at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Seattle, 2004

Akiva Segan presents exhibits, power-point classes and Drawing for Healing workshops with audiences ages 5 to 100+ in schools, colleges, houses of worship, prisons and other venues. Power-point presentations include: classes on his own art; on the art of late Polish Jewish survivor and award winning children’s book author Israel Bernbaum; Polish Jewish survivor artist Toby Knobel Fluek;  and art, especially self-portraits done in hiding in Brussels, Belgium, by German Jewish painter Felix Nussbaum, who perished at Auschwitz.

Segan’s artworks are in corporate; art gallery/art museum; natural history museum; institutional; library; college and university; and house-of-worship collections in Austria, France, Hungary, Israel, the U.S. and the UK.


Goals of Segan’s artwork and guest teaching include

  1. Educate youth about hate, anti-Semitism , Islamophobia, xenophobia, bigotry and racism, et al, using art as a universally accessible teaching tool.
  2. Restore dignity to the memory of those murdered by the Nazi’s, their Fascist collaborators, and the silence of millions.
  3. Provide a safe and non-threatening  format for children, parents, teachers, librarians, clergy, therapists and others who work with children & youth through on-line learning, art exhibitions and slide classes.

The Wings series and the Sight-seeing series drawings and mosaic-drawing combos are designed to be accessible to and for children, youth, young adult and adult viewers of all ages.

student essay following a slide presentation by Segan on Israel Bernbaum’s art and the wings series, 1999, Winston Churchill High School, Eugene, Oregon. The class teacher was Doug Kelly, Global Literature.
At a slide presentation w/ an audience of Jewish seniors & elderly attendees, Hadassah Palm Beach chapter, held at Temple Judea, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 1999
At an exhibit talk by the artist, Western Illinois Univ., Macomb, 2004.
University Baptist Church, Holocaust remembrance & human rights educ. program, Seattle, 2012. Left to right: 3 college students; Segan; retired campus pastor Brooke Rolston; UBC pastor Manny Santiago. Art on the easels: UTW 26, Giettel Laski of Warsaw; SWD 13, Chilean singer-songwriter Victor Jara.

Parents & Teachers

The contemporary artworks seen in this website, accompanied by examples of historic, archival, family, and/or news and publicly seen (e.g. books, internet) photos used as source materials for the art imagery, are designed to be accessible to viewers of all ages.


Cardiff University, Literary (Dr Marc Schweissinger) & Visual (A.K. Segan) Holocaust Narratives, April 5, 2017 (the video is 1 hour, 53 min). The one hour Segan presentation is seen first. The art is seen as the audience saw it with excellent reproduction quality.

Workshop at Jan Eaglesham Primary 1-26-2010, Glasgow
Workshop, Our Lady of the Mission Primary school, E. Renfrewshire, Scotland, 2010
Power-point tolerance education with art class, Nottingham Liberal synagogue, England, 2017. The class pupils were ages 4 to 13. Some parents also attended the class & the Drawing-for-Healing workshop that followed.
Davis Gallery, Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri, 2006. The artist with a 4th grade class. Photo: Dr Ann Mehr, Art specialist, Locust St. Expressive Arts Elementary School
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