Man with tattered coat

UTW 2: Man with tattered coat in the Warsaw Ghetto
Art: 1992
India ink on cream paper
Framed, 38 inches H x 26 W [96.5 cm. H x 66 W]

The second drawing of the Under the Wings Holocaust art series. I drew this from a photo of a man, perhaps in his 20’s or 30’s whose coat appears to be completely unraveling and completely disintegrating.

I was struck by his gaze directly into the camera’s lens, and his look, not dissimilar to young homeless men and women I see in downtown Seattle everyday. As in photos of other people taken by Nazi soldiers in the Warsaw Ghetto, this man sits on the sidewalk, waiting… death would have soon followed.

I drew the wings at the ornithology lab, Burke Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Washington, Seattle.

The frame was a gift of the Museum of History & Industry, Seattle, Washington, where the drawing was exhibited, 1994.

ut ipsum id venenatis, dictum elit.
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