Child with cap in the Warsaw Ghetto

UTW 4: Child with cap in the Warsaw Ghetto
Art: 1992.
Media: Ink Framed, 27 inches H x 39 W [71 cm. H x 99 W]

Drawn from a Warsaw Ghetto photo seen in The 45th Anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, 1943, pub. by Interpress, Warsaw.

The wings were drawn at the Burke Museum of Natural History, Seattle.

In viewing the photo, it is unclear whether the child is a boy or a girl (although most girls and women I’ve asked have stated they think both the photo and my drawing are of a girl; most boys and men say they think the child was a boy).

After completing the portrait, I approached the drawing of the wings with great alarm for fear of ruining a perfectly good portrait. After many months of delay (during which time I worked on other works in the series) I began the wings; fortunately, thankfully (!) each succeeded, to my great relief. – notes by the artist, 1992.

UTW 03
UTW 05
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