Under the Wings 21-30

Click any image for a larger display, with description and background information.

Children drawn from Warsaw Ghetto photos of anonymous, nameless victims, next to a sign for ice cream
UTW 21: Lebensraum – Lody, the Eskimo ice cream drawing about the Warsaw ghetto concentration-death camp
drawing of manicure shop sign
UTW 22: Chana Bronstein’s manicure shop sign in the Warsaw ghetto

A man in poor clothes, with a large hat and a bright blue prayer shawl
UTW 23: Man with tallis in the Warsaw ghetto. (The word tallis is Yiddish for a prayer shawl.)
UTW 24: Child with quilt in the Warsaw ghetto

UTW 25: Smiling man with single wing in the Warsaw ghetto
UTW 26: Giettel Laski, born 1937 or ’38 in Warsaw, and murdered at the Majdanek death camp, Poland, 1943

Mordecai Aniliewicz
UTW 27: Mordecai Aniliewicz, leader of the Warsaw ghetto uprising
Ceshia Burstyn Mendrelawska,
UTW 28: Ceshia Burstyn Mendrelawska, 1910 (?) – 1943

Girl in rags
UTW 29: Girl in rags in the Warsaw ghetto
Rachel Cyrkin
UTW 30: Rachel Cyrkin of Paris, France
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