Under the Wings 31-38

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young boy, with wings
UTW 31: Bar Mitzvah age boy in the Warsaw ghetto
Three women, with wings; red border
UTW 32: Laja Lederman with two of her three daughters, Zosia & Hanah

Portrait of Elie Wiesel's zayde (grandfather), with wings
UTW 33: Everyone’s Zayde – Portrait of Dodye Feig
Man playing violin, with wings
UTW 34: Man playing violin in the Warsaw ghetto

Collage, surrounding portrait of Frydrych Zelman
UTW 35: Claustrophobia in the Warsaw ghetto, with page of Frydrych Zelman ID card
Drawing of a young man with a Star of David;
UTW 36: Young man with Star of David armband in the Warsaw ghetto

Man & child, both with wings: Lezjor Lederman and his son Josef
UTW 37: Lejzor Lederman and his youngest son Josef, of Ostrowicz, Poland
Portrait of a boy (Joseph Goldberg), a child's drawing of a horse & cowboy, wings
UTW 38: Joseph Goldberg, his drawing of a horse and cowboy that he sent his mom; and Jacques Benguigui’s sketch

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