Under the Wings 39-50

Click any image for a larger display, with description and background information.

Young boy, perhaps a teenager

A boy, perhaps a teenager
UTW 40: Girl on sidewalk (in progress, awaiting wings)

Man with a beard
UTW 41: Man on sidewalk (in progress, awaiting wings)
Shoah Dreams collage, in frame
UTW 42 Shoah Dreams

Three men
UTW 43: Three men on a Warsaw ghetto street, one holding a glass
Kamil Hahn
UTW 44 Kamil Hahn of Telč, Czechoslovakia

Hitler and other images, described below
UTW 45 Hitler’s yo-yo, Zisl the street musician & Dietrich Bonhoeffer with honorary horns
Herschl Grynspan
UTW 46:
Herschl Grynspan with horned wings, Xmas cactus and horribilus Judenfisches apparitionus

Anna Plockier
UTW 47:
No one came to save Anna Plockier
UTW 48:
Italian-Jewish resistance hero Eugenio Curiel, Castel sant’ angelo &
my flying Chi, Obi Jew-Jew Kenobi (looked on by Alex from above and below as he tries to comprehend this artwork)

Joop Westerweel
UTW 49: Homage to Dutch Righteous person and teacher Joop Westerweel
Gypsy boy
UTW 50: Gypsy boy at the Nazi concentration-death camp for Gypsies, Halle, Germany

ante. ut mi, commodo id odio massa ut quis
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