Under the Wings 51-60

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Robert Desno
UTW 51: Robert Desnos, French anti-Nazi resistance activist
Erwin Schulhoff
UTW 52 Erwin Schulhoff, composer

Leone Ginzburg
UTW 53 Hagadah Ginzburg. Drawn in memory of anti-Fascist activist Leone Ginzburg.
Sophie Scholl
UTW 54: Sophie Scholl of the White Rose resistance group, Germany

legless man in wheelbarrow
UTW 55: A legless man in the Jewish district of Warsaw, inspired by a 1937 photo by Roman Vishniac
Fiorella Anticoli
UTW 56: Fiorella Anticoli of Rome, Italy

UTW 57 Life & Death in the ghetto
UTW 58: A Jehovah’s Witness prisoner at the Auschwitz death camp, prisoner number 190377.

Mira Steiner
UTW 59 Mira Steiner of Zagreb
UTW 60: Orthodox Jewish prisoner under barbed wire, Olkusz, Poland, 1940

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