Background notes: “Bernbaum art” refers to Segan’s first class, presented for many years, that interwove the art of late Warsaw Jewish district raised survivor, American immigrant Israel Bernbaum, from his book My Brother’s Keeper – the Holocaust through the Eyes of an Artist (pub. by Putnam, NY, 1985), and Segan’s Under the Wings series art.

All presentations listed here were by Segan. Please see a separate TEACHING page listing of presentations of Segan (& Israel Bernbaum) art presented by other presenters (coming January 2019).

CASCADIA COLLEGE, BOTHELL (2016): Group exhibit on human rights. Segan-led tours, Q&A of one of his 2 works that were exhibited. A power-point overview of my social justice art, 1972 – current, was separately presented in a classroom with a college class.

CHAVURAH B’NAI SHALOM SYNAGOGUE, Port Townsend -Sequim (1999). UTW & Bernbaum art class w/ family, children, teens & adult audience following Friday evening service

CHAVARAT SHIR HAYAM SYNAGOGUE, Bainbridge Island (2002). Sunday school children, teens (grades 3 through 7), parent program with other adult attending. Held at the exhibit of UTW art and photos about Feng Shan Ho, Seattle’s Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Seattle. After the exhibit tour with Q&A I led a collective – group poetry writing exercise (developed by Leah Thorn of Britain; see background to the Drawing-for-Healing workshop info page, Teaching)

CONGREGATION BETH SHALOM SYNAGOGUE, Tri-Cities (2007). UTW & SWD art exhibit tour, Q&A held at the Washington State University Tri-Cities art gallery exhibit.

COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL OF JEWISH STUDIES, Seattle (2000). Held at the Mercer Island JCC. UTW & Bernbaum art class.

CONGREGATION EITZ OR SYNAGOGUE, Seattle: Yom Kippur service – Yizkor memorial service readings:
a) 1998: A reading of excerpts from the book ‘Harry James Cargas in conversation with Elie Wiesel,’ (pub. by Paulist Press, 1975) focusing on the symbolism of tears and clouds. Readers were service leader Larry Gerstenhaber and Segan (1998)
b) 1999: A reading, by four youth & two adults, based on letters sent by Jewish French children at the orphanage at Izieu, France, mailed to their parents. Most were eventually murdered at the Auschwitz death camp
c) 2002: A Holocaust remembrance reading, co-written and read by Segan and by congregant Lynn Chapman

COVENANT HOUSE – CAMPUS CHRISTIAN MINITRY, Seattle, near the Univ. of Washington campus (1994, 1997). UTW & Bernbaum art classes

DENNY MIDDLE SCHOOL, Seattle (1997). UTW and Bernbaum art classes w/ 8th grade classes

EVERGREEN STATE COLLEGE, Olympia. Cross-Cultural Communication class. Exhibit tour, Q&A held at the WING LUKE ASIAN MUSEUM, Seattle exhibit of UTW art, photos on late Chinese diplomat Feng Shan Ho. [see Wing Luke, below].


FRANKLIN HIGH SCHOOL, Seattle. UTW & Bernbaum art classes (2006)

(2001): Two auditorium lecture presentations: Israel Bernbaum & My Brother’s Keeper; Background to the Under the Wings series.
(2001): Multi-faith talk with Q&A for clergy and house of worship educators, at the Education Wing of the museum (two UTW artworks were on exhibit and art by 3 other artists).
(2001): Segan led tour of Holocaust art exhibits w/ disabled Jewish adults; organized by Jewish Family Services, Seattle. The tour focused on paintings by Holocaust survivor – artist Samuel Bak; paintings by empathizer artist Jerome Witkin, and other artists at the “Witness & Legacy” exhibit. There was a separate Holocaust art exhibit in the museum’s Education Wing w/ art by 4 Seattle area artists, including UTW 36: Young man w/ Star; UTW 42: Shoah Dreams.

GARFIELD HIGH SCHOOL, Seattle (2000, 2001). UTW & Bernbaum art classes presented to math, science, photography dept. classes

HANFORD HIGH SCHOOL, Spokane (2003) UTW & Bernbaum art classes presented to International Problems classes

HANLEY – ROBINSON SCHOOL, Seattle (2002). UTW & Bernbaum art class (2002)

HERZL NER-TAMID CONSERVATIVE SYNAGOGUE, Mercer Island (1999). UTW & Bernbaum art class w/ a Kesher middle school class

HILLEL CENTER, Seattle, near the Univ. of Washington campus. (1992, 2013 exhibits). Three tours during the 2013 exhibit. Attendees included a Bellevue High School class, community adults.
Jewish Family Services of Seattle organized an Endless Opportunities seniors group tour.
[Also see Jewish Family Service – Seattle, below]

UTW & Bernbaum art class presentation to a class of 19 seniors, teachers.

JASON LEE MIDDLE SCHOOL, Tacoma (2003): A class of 17 students, teacher & teacher’s aide attended a Pacific Lutheran University foreign language dept. lecture hall presentation on Bernbaum & UTW art. Segan presented separate presentations of UTW & Bernbaum art classes at the school.

JEWISH FAMILY SERVICES, Seattle: Brownbag lunch staff slide classes, discussion:
(1999) UTW & Israel Bernbaum art
(2002) Toby Knobel Fluek art, from her book “Memories of my Life in a Polish Village” [see power-point classes titles, descriptions list, in Teaching]

KADIMA RECONSTRUCTIONIST SYNAGOGUE, Seattle (2010) Adult audience program of a short overview of the UTW series, followed by the Drawing-for-Healing workshop

KADIMA COMMUNITY SUNDAY SCHOOL, Seattle (1997, 2002) UTW & Bernbaum class w/ 7th graders. Followed with my facilitating the collective – group poetry writing exercise developed by Leah Thorn of Britain [see background to the Drawing-for-Healing workshop info page in Teaching]

KENT REGIONAL LIBRARY, KING COUNTY LIBRARY SYSTEM, (1999). UTW & Bernbaum art class. Attendees included a Sequoia Jr. High School class.


LAKE WASHINGTON GIRLS SCHOOL, Seattle (2004). UTW & Bernbaum presentation, class of 20 girls.

LEWIS & CLARKE HIGH SCHOOL, Spokane (2003). Three separate presentations of UTW art w/ Social Studies – History classes, freshmen thru seniors

MERCER ISLAND UNITED METHODIST CHURCH (1996). Reception talk, Q&A at UTW art exhibit.
Separate UTW & Israel Bernbaum slide class with families and teens audience (1996)
UTW & Israel Bernbaum art class (1997).
UTW art slide presentation w/ seniors audienc (2002).

MIDDLE COLLEGE HIGH SCHOOL, Seattle (1998). UTW & Bernbaum art class, held at Seattle Central Community College

MT ZION BAPTIST CHURCH, Seattle. Summer youth fun program (2004). First session: Thirty-seven children ages 5, 6, 7. Program included a UTW art slide class presentation, Q&A. The second session was a UTW art slide class presentation w/ 20 teens, 5th through 8th grades.

NATHAN HALE HIGH SCHOOL, Seattle (1997) UTW & Bernbaum art class presentations with 3 separate presentations to 8th grade classes

(2002, 2003) UTW & Bernbaum art classes w/ Foreign lang dept classes.
[Also see Wing Luke Asian Museum listings, below].
A Tacoma middle school class attended the PLU lecture hall presentation [see Jason Lee Middle School listing, above].
(2003): My first Drawing-for-Healing workshop was facilitated w/a German language & lit class

UTW art exhibit with a German lang & lit class tour, Q&A.


SEATTLE CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE, Seattle (1998). UTW gallery exhibit w/ tours, Q&A. SIide UTW & Bernbaum art classes to Art dept and the English dept classes. There was a separate all-campus & town invite classroom presentation on UTW & Bernbaum art. A Sociology dept class, “Living, Death, Dying” had an exhibit tour, Q&A. That class received a separate classroom presentation on the art of Israel Bernbaum.

SEATTLE CENTRAL COLLEGE (2013). UTW & SWD art exhibit included tours from Art and English departments classes. Drawing-for-Healing workshops were facilitated w/ ESL English; Art dept classes.
The SCC press release flyer of Segan Holocaust, human rights art shows 3 artworks:

SEATTLE CENTRAL COLLEGE, English dept (2018): UTW & SWD art class; Drawing-for-Healing workshop w/ a class of 30+ ESL students

SEATTLE HEBREW HIGH SCHOOL – COMMUNITY H.S. OF JEWISH STUDIES (1994). Held at the Mercer Island Jewish Community Center. UTW & Bernbaum art class to combined classes of instructors Tammy Kay Kaiser, Gigi Yellen-Kohn; Holocaust survivor Bob Herschkowitz

SEATTLE PACIFIC UNIVERSITY, Art Dept. (1994). UTW & Bernbaum art class

SEATTLE UNIVERSITY (2016). Holocaust Remembrance & Genocide Awareness program, held at the Student Union. School of Religion & Theology organized program included display of UTW 63: Pere Jacques, UTW 62: Zlata Barshewsky; Segan gave a short background talk, Q&A. See video (19 min., 11 sec): 2016 Holocaust Remembrance, Seattle Univ. w/artist A.K. Segan, 2 monumental mosaic artworks

SEQUOIA JUNIOR HIGH, Kent. (2000). Five consecutive UTW & Bernbaum art class presentations.
[Also see Kent Regional Library, King County Library System, above] See video (2 min., 46 sec): Student essays on A.K.Segan’s Holocaust art read by Kent, WA school teacher Gail Aita, 2013

STROUM JEWISH COMMUNITY CENTER, North-end, Seattle (1984). Slide presentation: “Two Jewish Artists: Rainer Waldman Adkins & Ken Akiva Segan Present Their Jewish Art”

STATE of WASHINGTON, DEPT. of SOCIAL & HEALTH SERVICES, Belltown (Seattle) Community Service Office (1995). Human diversity training, Q&A: UTW & Bernbaum art class.

STATE of WASHINGTON, DEPT of CORRECTIONS, Washington State Reformatory, Monroe (1997)
UTW & Bernbaum art class presented at prison chapel to audience of 50 + adult prisoners of diverse faiths, ethnicities, races, etc. Campus Christian pastor Brooke Rolston of Seattle co-led the Q&A

STATE OF WASHINGTON, DEPT of CORRECTIONS, Twin Rivers Correctional Facility, Monroe (1997, 2000, 2001) UTW & Bernbaum art classes presented to Jewish inmates.

STATE OF WASHINGTON, DEPT of SOCIAL & HEALTH SERVICES and STATE DOC. The artist was a sponsor level volunteer with visits to Jewish inmates, on average twice monthly, at 2 state prisons at Monroe, and 2 prisons at McNeil Island, 1996 – 2006. Included large holiday programs with 15 to 20 visitors led by Segan and another regular visitor from Seattle’s Congregation Eitz Or. Other attendees for the large holiday program visits included Jewish U U WA students from Hillel; a congregant from Bet Alef synagogue, Seattle; and a non-Jewish friend (of Segan’s) who is a percussionist-drummer.

SUMMIT ON FIRST HILL, Seattle. Seniors – elderly residence. Slide classes (UTW art, 2001; Bernbaum art, 2002; 2003; Toby Knobel FLuek art, 2014; Mosaica-Judaica class, 2015). Presentations included UTW & Bernbaum art; Toby Knobel FLuek art; Felix Nussbuam art; Mosaica-Judaica class; Winged depictions in art from antiquity to the present. Drawing-for-Healing workshop (2016).

TEMPLE BETH AM, Seattle. Friday evening service talk by Segan on the inception & background to the UTW art series (1997). UTW & Bernbaum art, 3 separate class presentations: 7th, 8th & 9th grade Hebrew school classes

TEMPLE BETH SHALOM, Spokane, Sunday School (2003).
Q&A w/ children, teachers in Temple lobby installation of UTW 36: Young man with Star of David.
Separate slide class presentation of UTW art w/ combined class of pupils from grades 6, 7

TEMPLE B’NAI TORAH, Mercer Island (1994). UTW & Bernbaum art class.
(1995, 1996): UTW & Bernbaum art classes to combined 6th grade classes, teachers, parents

(2000): UTW & Bernbaum art class to Hebrew school class.
(2002): Temple Sisterhood adult audience presentation, UTW & Bernbaum art class

(1994): UTW & Israel Bernbaum art slide class.
(1995): UTW slide class.
(2012): Segan led portions of a Holocaust and Human rights education focused service. Following the service Segan presented a UTW & SWD art class.

See video: Holocaust & human rights service talk by the artist (22 min., 37 sec)

See video: Holocaust reading, Letter to God, Izieu kids letters, Univ Baptist Church Seattle Apr 2012

UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN CHURCH, Seattle (2001) Segan co-led a Holocaust remembrance service w/ pastor Jean Vandergrift. Accompanying Segan with singing, accordion: D’vorah Kost. Programming was co-developed with Rev. Vandergrift, Rev. Brooke Rolston of Covenant House, Dvorah Kost of Seattle, and Segan. Following the service congregation members viewed a tabletop installation of UTW 42: Shoah Dreams in a room near the sanctuary.

(1996): UTW & Bernbaum art class, adult audience
(1998, 2000): Segan, accompanied by D’vorah Kost on accordion, senior pastor Rev. Dr. Donald MacKenzie, led Holocaust Memorial Day sanctuary adult congregant service and separate children & family services
(2000): UTW & Bernbaum art slide class, adult congregant audience
(2001): Segan co-led a Holocaust remembrance service w/ senior pastor Rev. Dr. Donald MacKenzie. Segan’s talk at the service, “E-Mailing God for remembrance” was published as a Viewpoint article in The Jewish Transcript, Seattle. April 27, 2001. Following the second service congregation members viewed a tabletop installation of UTW 42: Shoah Dreams, in the church Narthex (sanctuary lobby).
(2003): Sunday school, three Intro to Judaism classes. Co-teaching w/ Segan were Rainer Waldman Adkins; Adie Lee Goldberg

UNIVERSITY HOUSE, Wallingford district, Seattle (2018). Seniors, elderly residence. Background to the UTW & SWD series class. Introduction by retired campus pastor Brooke Rolston.
See video of the Q&A w/ the program audience (17 min., 46 sec)

UNIVERSITY of WASHINGTON, History Dept. class (1995).
Slide class presentation in my art studio, Seattle’s Pioneer Square district, Seattle [Also see presentations of Segan and Bernbaum art by other presenters, Teaching]

UNIVERSITY of WASHINGTON, Seattle campus: Human Rights Forum. Sponsored by the UW Human Rights Education & Research Network. “Holocaust Education Through Art – A Slide Lecture: My Brother’s Keeper – Paintings by Israel Bernbaum, and Under the Wings of G-d – Drawings by Akiva Segan.” The announcement flyer text stated ‘Special thanks to the UW Burke Museum zoology dept staff for their assistance in making the Wings collection available.’

U.S. SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION, Columbia Center Regional Office, Seattle (2004).
Human diversity training w/ 70 staff attendees

WASHINGTON STATE UNIVERSITY, Tri-Cities campus, Richland, Wash. (2007). UTW and SWD art exhibit, w/ public & campus invite gallery tours [See Congregation Beth Sholom listing, above).
Campus & town invite power-point lecture held at a WSU auditorium-lecture hall.
Campus radio interview [see About the Artist – Interviews].

WING LUKE ASIAN MUSEUM, Seattle (2002): Programs included
a) a German dept. class from Pacific Lutheran University [see Pacific Lutheran U listing, above]
b) families, children & other adults from Chavurat Shir Hayam synagogue community of Bainbridge Island [see Chavrat Shir Hayam listing, above]
c) Fifth grade class, teachers from Woodridge Elementary School, Bellevue [see listing, below]
d) An exhibit tour, Q&A was led w/ American Liver Foundation, NY national headquarters staff & ALF Seattle chapter staff
e) Exhibit tour & Q&A w/ Puget Sound clergy, religious school staff
f) Exhibit tour, Q&A w/ ‘The Lori Markowitz Community Education Group,’ including 15 school children, 3rd to 6th graders, and 22 adults
g) Exhibit tour, Q&A w/ Evergreen State College class [see Evergreen State listing, above]

WOODRIDGE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Bellevue. Program w/ class of 5th graders, teachers, held at the Wing Luke Asian Museum, Seattle. The exhibit-centered program focused on a talk with Q&A in front of UTW 42: Shoah Dreams.

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